Liv Chun Design

Set & Costume Designer graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy, Liv Chun is also a fashion designer, an illustrator and a painter. She mainly works for the theaters, studios and cinema, and has already worked along a number of renowned artists such as Australian costume designer Roger Kirk, as well as actors like Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen.




Besides traditional materials such as pencils and watercolors, she likes to mix different materials to give form to her art, such as gold leaves, ink, texture pigments, technical pens, gouache and so on...

She fulfills the moral of her arts with the unspecific transformation of certain patterns, inviting people into deeper thoughts.

Due to her background in stage design, she likes to show space’s flexibility in stage design through her arts, creating several dimensions within one simple page. Even though some of her works are black and white, the light, tones and shades speak for themselves! Moreover, her works contain surrealist and profound meanings.

Her works do not try to reconstruct reality; it is a study of the world, human nature, emotions, sensual experiences and moods.

Her inspiration comes from dreams, natural sciences, human history, surrealism, travels, and her everyday life. Different inspirations bring different themes into her works. Yet, the theater remains the mainspring of her arts, the most important source of inspiration and spiritual experiences, as both a viewer and a designer, the first directly influencing the topics of her works, making her works tell a story.